Day 42: HoHEdit

Alright everyone in the game seems to hate me or something, and I'm not having any fun. At least Sam is convinced I haven't done anything which is bullshit, but my guess is that somebody would convince the jury of that, since, again, nobody seems to like me.

I feel like there is nothing I can do.

That said, even if I can't win, I will not rest until I fuck their lives over. All of them, I'm so mad at all of them.

I guess Tyler at least had the decency to TELL me he was going to betray me.

Yap didn't do shit. <_<

Wesley's probably just waiting to cut my throat and say something smug.

Sam's just an idiot.

And I guess Purry's just meh.

I knew I would experience this issue. The game even started populated with a whole ton of people who I don't know and who know each other.

But I still have the DPOV, and after I use it, I can compete in all the challenges. If I can't win, I'm gonna try my hardest to force them to vote for Sam.

And what could be more humiliating than that.


I realize that was hella mean and bitter. I'm sorry everyone except Sam. I'm just really frustrated right now.


Tyler and Yap are gross!1!!1 Wesley was suppost to go out smh!1!11!11!!1!11111111111111111111


I'll be honest I ain't even gonna try much this week, I got the COUP yo#!


Tyler and Yap NEED TO GO. The only problem is, they have played Winterbells before, and I'm guessing one of them has the coup.


LOL Now Sam wants to talk "business" with me. Funny that when I win HoH, he now wants to talk game.


Day 43: Pandora's BoxEdit

Day 44: Nomination CeremonyEdit

OMG I have no clue what Yap is doing, but I WILL NOT feel safe until I have the PoV around my neck.


OK so I am going mad with paranoia. I think if I go up on the block, I am safe, but I don't know if I'm going up! I believe Purry, Perry, or Wesley would all vote to keep me if I was up on the block, and since they would be 2/3 people voting I think I'm good, but I HAVE NO IDEA.


Day 45Edit

Day 46: Pov CompetitionEdit

Day 47: Pov CeremonyEdit

Day 48: EvictionEdit

Wesley, I'm sorry I used screenshots. Sam's just really thick and wasn't taking anything else. In fact, screenshots didn't even work. So this vote is out of respect, you are a strong player who definitely deserves to do well. I'm just not in the business of doing good sorry.


Oddly enough, Wesley's parting words were actually encouraging to me. He thinks Sam is worse than me, and for my game, that's all I need XD.

Also "non-existant" isn't exactly praise either, so if my plan goes through for Tyler and Yap going out in the next 2 rounds, we might set them up for disappointment a little early haha.

Sorry to disappoint