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Houseguest Season(s) Times Won Weeks Won
TomBB2 TDBus
Big Brother 2
Big Brother 6
8 Dummies and Liars
It Sure Ruffled MY Feathers!
Using Me As A Rope In A Tug-O-War
Happy Stabbing
BB6 Week 1 (Name TBD)
BB6 Week 5 (Name TBD)
BB6 Week 9 (Name TBD)
BB6 Week 11 (Name TBD)
FelixBB5 FescennineFelix
Big Brother 5
Big Brother 6
8 BB5 Week 2 (Name TBD)
BB5 Week 4 (Name TBD)
BB5 Week 6 (Name TBD)
BB5 Week 9 (Name TBD)
BB5 Week 11 (Name TBD)
BB5 Week 13 (Name TBD)
BB6 Week 10 (Name TBD)
BB6 Week 13 (Name TBD)
BenBB3 VincentVanBro
Big Brother 3
Big Brother 6
7 That Monkey Was Kinda Sexy
Set This Place Ablaze
This Confuses Me
Put On A Good Show
BB6 Week 2 (Name TBD)
BB6 Week 4 (Name TBD)
BB6 Week 14 (Name TBD)
PerryBB1 thatsmyidol
Big Brother 1
Big Brother 6
4 The Social Capability of a Sociopath
I Feel Like A Crazy Ex
Hella Lazy/Smart Like That
BB6 Week 6 (Name TBD)
TopazBB3 DTopaz
Big Brother 3
Big Brother 6
4 BB6 Week 3 (Name TBD)
BB6 Week 5 (Name TBD)
BB6 Week 8 (Name TBD)
BB6 Week 12 (Name TBD)
NickBB4 YauManFan
Big Brother 4 4 I Don’t Like Darksided Stuff
A Slithering Snake
The Power Stays With Me
Expected Me To Just Roll Over
JordanBB7 JdBass
Big Brother 7 4 BB7 Week 5 (Name TBD)
BB7 Week 10 (Name TBD)
BB7 Week 12 (Name TBD)
BB7 Week 13 (Name TBD)
NathanielBB4 Nlby001
Big Brother 1
Big Brother 4
3 Which Alliances Are Real?
Going Against Crazy Players
These People Should Evict Me
AliettaBB7 Queen Alietta
Big Brother 7 3 Dug a Grave and Jumped In It
BB7 Week 4 (Name TBD)
BB7 Week 6 (Name TBD)
TylerBB1 tylerjordan93
Big Brother 1 2 Get Rid of Big Players
By A Fraction of A Second
LucasBB2 MickTesso
Big Brother 2 2 Let The Others Cannibalize Themselves
Why Pick On The Non-Threats
WillBB2 willfc3
Big Brother 2 2 Brigade Over
Control My Own Fate
PydoBB2 Pydyn17
Big Brother 2 2 All The Uncertainty
Ready To See It Pay Off
TrentBB3 t-hunna
Big Brother 3 2 Exploited That Doubt
I Refuse To Go Down
MatthewBB4 MattFenn1987
Big Brother 2
Big Brother 4
2 Accused Of Playing The Same Game
Trust No One, Slay Everyone
GeorgeBB5 RevengeOfTheNerds
Big Brother 5
Big Brother 6
2 BB5 Week 3 (Name TBD)
BB6 Week 7 (Name TBD)
JessicaBB5 Drummelsmithjessica
Big Brother 5 2 BB5 Week 8 (Name TBD)
BB5 Week 10 (Name TBD)
SamCBB1 cancanpiano.joffe381
Big Brother 1 1 Sabo F*cking Obviusly Trying To Wreck Shit Teur
WesleyBB1 wesolini
Big Brother 1 1 It’s Like I On Purpose Didn’t Follow The Alliance Plan
EvanBB1 NWTSEvan
Big Brother 1 1 Dead Man Walking Isn’t So Dead After All
PurryBB1 AmazingPurry
Big Brother 1 1 The Lady From Scotland Fights An Idiot For Power
YapBB1 Yappity
Big Brother 1 1 Mad With Paranoia
DaniBB2 MystiaBlue
Big Brother 2 1 Worse Than A Sore Loser
BooBB2 Zannabanna
Big Brother 2 1 Guess I Won't Trust Anyone
TommyBB2 KuT
Big Brother 2 1 Dancing For Our Amusement
BaileyBB3 VogtOut
Big Brother 3
Big Brother 4
1 I Want To Draw First Blood
TraceBB3 Tdemarest23
Big Brother 3 1 Serious Regrets
LoganBB3 Zerojr
Big Brother 3 1 This House Is Full Of Maniacs
TaddBB3 TaddB
Big Brother 3 1 Hoping People Are Empathetic
JennaBB3 Jennamaclennan
Big Brother 3 1 Too Bad, They Need To Go
CliffordBB3 CliffordKoDR
Big Brother 3 1 So You Say I Do Nothing?
JoanBB4 District3
Big Brother 4 1 Scrambling Like Eggs
DylanBB4 DylanDeVillain
Big Brother 4 1 I May Be Playing Too Hard
DerphoxBB4 Derphox
Big Brother 4 1 I'm Just Like Wait What
ChelseaBB4 Doublesea
Big Brother 4 1 Attempting To Cut Him
JamieBB5 Jamievdw101
Big Brother 5 1 BB5 Week 1 (Name TBD)
EmmaBB5 XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX
Big Brother 5 1 BB5 Week 5 (Name TBD)
AsaBB5 AsaKusuri
Big Brother 5 1 BB5 Week 7 (Name TBD)
AmberBB7 Loenev
Big Brother 7 1 BB7 Week 7 (Name TBD)
BrianBB7 XKC
Big Brother 7 1 BB7 Week 11 (Name TBD)
DanBB7 CarnriteDan
Big Brother 7 1 Your "Emotion" Will Not Work With Me
SamBB7 Sami171
Big Brother 7 1 BB7 Week 3 (Name TBD)
TaylorBB7 Taylorg8
Big Brother 7 1 BB7 Week 9 (Name TBD)

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