Day 36Edit

I need to ensure neither Sam or Evan or me goes home next week rip.


Day 37: HoHEdit

Okay, might not even have time to do it, or energy to do Simon. It'd be perfect if I could win it and take out Wesley this week. But hey, I still got the coup, so either Sam or Wesley is going this week, I guarantee it.


I just secured a Final 2 with Evan I think. And I don't know about Purry's thing. So I would want Yap out, then Tyler, then Purry? I'm not sure what to do if I make it at F5.


My closest ally left, but it didn't take much maneuvering for me to stay considering how I've done all but nothing the last few weeks. Now, this is where I pick up my game, it's 3 on 4, and I cannot wait to put some of these people up.


Wow. With a 50% shot of winning with Purry not playing, we blew it! And now Perry is putting up Wesley and who KNOWS who else. ME? I don't think so but... This really sucks. I didn't want Wesley out. I can tell Perry is in with the other side. Let's hope he isn't and doesn't put up Evan or I.


Ok so here's what's going on. Basically the Oz alliance fell apart after Richie was evicted. Apparently Wesley though Yap was leaking information, so I took that crack and split it wide open, forcing Sora and Wesley against Yap and Tyler. Last round, Sam refused to nominate Wesley (GUR) because he saved him the round prior, so I officially turned Tyler and Yap against Sora. Now that I've won this HOH, I'm going after Wesley. Hopefully he goes home. The only way he doesn't is with a coup d'etat, and at least in that scenario the coup d'etat is out of the house. My plan moving forward is to lay low this next round and get out either Yap, Tyler, or Evan. Then use DPOV to pass through F5, and then dominate challenges thenceforth. I'd like to get out Yap, Tyler, and Evan in the next 3 evictions (no particular order).

My guess is nobody would want Sam to win, so hopefully I can take him to the end.


Day 38: Nomination CeremonyEdit

Day 39Edit

Day 40Edit

Day 41Edit

Day 42: EvictionEdit

Sorry but that's the one thing I can't stand this season. I don't think I've had even ONE person this entire season ask me to save them when they were on the block. There's been like 6 evictions and no one has ever asked me to save them. That's just crazy because if I were on the block I'd do whatever I have to and talk to everyone in order to stay.


Okay straight up, what's wrong with these people in the house!?! They don't talk!!I've tried to talk to Evan so many damn times!! Holy shit I feel like a crazy ex, WHY WON'T HE RESPOND BACK!! Fool don't even try to play it off, I see you messaging the house chat!! And Sam.. OMG I messaged him "hey, how do you feel about the vote?" He responds by saying "how I feel about today or yesterday? Well I feel bad.. about what happened yesterday....." he legit told me about his day and life when I ASKED HIM ABOUT THE FUCKING VOTE.