Day 57: Head of Household CompetitionEdit

The only bearable person in this game is Tyler, all these people are annoying the hell out of me and I just hate them! Like I'm done with all these hoes can they ever shut up? I think not


I'm really happy that this weeks HoH challenge is a puzzle. Not because I'm going to win but because Tom is going to win it and that's perfect. This week there is still a clear cut enemy in the game with Tommy. Next week noooot so much. Tom is really the only one that can beat me in challenges so when he wins this week, it opens the door for me next week. Next week will be key week IF our alliance blows up. I want to be the HoH so that I'm safe and so that I can dictate how the game will approach end game. This week should hopefully be a nice relaxing do-nothing round.


Okay so I thought since we got this far, just breaking away from the halfway point and all, since I dont have any challenges for any ORGs atm I'd do a cast impressions

Let's start with Ali.... One flop princess down (Dani) , one left, and I honestly feel like I kinda don't want him to go this upcoming week, I think I can beat him in the final 2 and we are somewhat playing the same game except I feel I can show I played a better game, although like I know I can't trust him with anything but honestly it's kinda fun trying to make him squirm

Lucas, playing very lowkey highkey good under the radar game, I think he's a favorite to win because of all the drama he has stayed out of, but I hope Tom sees that Lucas is a big threat to his game and gets him out because that'd be smart for Tom to do but you know, people don't always do the moves that'd actually help them in these games. He promised me if he won HoH he wouldn't nominate me this week as part of our deal last week when I won HoH, hopefully he wouldn't put me up but like he's super shady and I know I can not trust Lucas, however I will let him believe whatever he wants.

Pydo, yet again another good floater, probably the only person in the house left to get like 0 blood on their hands like AT ALL, and that's saying something, I know I can use that if me and pydo are with the big threats in the end for them to evict Pydo over me, because people are gonna say Pydo didn't offend anyone, however that's also really good for his game, because if he's allied with Will, Will will respect Pydo for that and want to bring him to Final 2, so definitely don't see him leaving this week, I hope we both can get far together because he's one of the few people I like talking game with but I know he's a super threat socially.

Tom, tom, tom..... he is one paranoid hella much. I really he;s the Lane to my Britney strategically, meaning he's in some inner alliance and he'll let me ride his coattails until I'm all that's left with his core alliance but instead of losing those end comps, turning up my challenge game and win comps to get myself to the end and snatch them jury votes, I feel Tom can be my ticket to make it really far in the game or my ticket to be evicted soon.

Tyler R obviously I just want him to go to jury, I don't like him in the game, I just want him to leave because he's been irritating me these last two weeks with how he was being fake to me in pm and then tries to "expose me" to the house and he's a huge hypocrit yelling at me for using screenshots when he does..... Like please just go home, I also hate that him and Ali are close, I rather have Ali make his own decisions without worrying about Tyler R, so preferably he leaves this week or next week for my game to better progress itself in my opinion.

Will he's a another HUGE threat to win in my opinion he is playing this game really good, I want him to win an HoH real soon and then after that he can go home, he's good in all 3 aspects, I mean someone's gotta take him out, I can;t be the only one thinking he's getting a free ride to the final 2 and the "winner" title, am i?


Supposedly, Will and Nick believe that Tommy only trusts Tom, little do they know - he trusts me too. The only reason why I threw the HoH was becasue I didn't want to backstab Tommy, since I barely recovered from myself putting him up. Tom backdooring Tommy is huge, I even proposed that nomming him straight up is a better idea, but sure, if you want to lose a possible jury vote at the end - sure backstab him as hard as you can, here - here's a nife, happy stabbing.


Day 58: Nomination CeremonyEdit

Target is Tommy, but if I win veto I'm considering keeping noms the same, Tommy and I are relatively close but I'm not with Tyler or Ali. I'd prefer if one of them went.


So with Bryce gone I'm all in for a Brigade final 4. As for finals...

Lucas: What I'm aiming for. He's been the least involved and has bad relationships with a few people. Made the least moves. I could still see him getting votes but he's my best bet.

Will: Better than Tom, but I still want to avoid this. He has moves to call his own, has decent relationships and has won a few critical vetoes. I could still win here but it's by no means safe.

Tom: Will win if he makes the end. Comp beast and he's been repairing most of his bad relationships. I could potentially turn this around but the odds would be stacked heavily against me. To be avoided if possible.


Tom just told me not to worry and I'm safe I don't what that hoe is planning


If nominations stay the same I'm going to see if Tyler R can go over Ali


Day 59Edit

Day 60: Power of Veto CompetitionEdit

Day 61: Power of Veto CeremonyEdit

ok so Tommy is leaving the next so the question is what happens after that? Now is the time when I can safely full blown strategize. I have a plan with Pydo to get the strong comp people aka Will, Tom and Lucas to get them to turn on each other. If this works, I could possibly be F3 with Pydo and Ali. Pydo has been quiet and Ali is messy af but right now I gotta focus on Tommy being gone and go from there

–Tyler R

Day 62Edit

Day 63: EvictionEdit

So it looks like I'm probably going unless this button does something to save me


So im going to use the sad card to get Tom to feel guilty. I feel like thats the only thing I can do to make him think twice about votng me out. im honestly gonna just cry because i feel that emotion is whats gonna make people see that hes not a good guy, hopefully he'll feel bad about himself


Tommy tryin' to play the sympathy card on me. He played up all sorts of emotions this season. I ain't gettin' fooled. He's always played different type of emotions. And HE has lied to me plenty of times. I'm not fooled man.


tears can honeslty buy u time in this ame and make people view things from different perspectives, tom told me he has made it to the end with his original allies


I'm going to reek havoc tbh. Except this one ain't gonna be crazy, it'll be more peaceful

at least if I go this week my rolemodel Amanda and I got the same placement. I don't feel like the button will be a reset, i feel like it' more likely to do nothing, but i have to make them feel like no matter what it does ill be saved so they have to vote to keep me in because if not i will target them.


Will be smart

eat the shit im crapping to u please


i feel bad for the people who have to vs me on the block



this is how I spend my time at work. Hopefully I'm accurate enough with my projections because the next couple votes are going to get hairy, starting with this one where Tommy is supposed to leave. It's just way too close to call some of these but I think my best chance my be with Lucas at the end. Of course anything can change (Tommy's value to vote Tom just went to -10000000) but at least now I can feel good about a gameplan P.S. - 7 is the person they are most likely going to give their jury vote in the end to and 1 is the least likely


This bullshit of Tommy being sad is so annoying like hun... you're going home



Also this is a gif to Tom you better watch your back bitch


Im getting a little scared right now, Tommy is playing all these sad scenario and he says he has the votes to stay.. Like WTF... Lets hope not cause I need to slay some hoes and need to win not lose.