Control pannel

The Control Panel comprises of a series of buttons that yield different outcomes each week. These outcomes may be major or might have little or no affect to the game. Furthermore, these outcomes were determined prior to the start of the season.

Only one button can be pressed each week and the only person who can do so is the reigning Head of Household. Pressing a button on the control panel is required, meaning the HOH can not refuse picking a button to press.

This twist is similar to The Upstairs twist of Big Brother 4. The difference is that the Head of Household is given the choice instead of the non-evicted nominee.


Big Brother 2Edit

The Control Panel was introduced in Big Brother 2, which coincided with the futuristic theme of the season. It consisted of ten buttons, each corresponding to an outcome.

Head of
Description Result
HOH Room Lock Down 1
The HOH who selects this outcome will be trapped inside the HOH Room, thus, will be unable to participate in the POV competition. The two nominees will still play but instead of 3 random participants, there will be 4 in order to compensate for the HOH's vacant spot. Tom was unable to play in the POV competition which resulted in Pydo, the fourth random participant, to take his spot.
Forced Veto 2
The POV holder is required to use the Power of Veto regardless if the POV holder wanted to utilize it or not. Dani, the winner of the Power of Veto used it on herself since she was nominated prior to the POV competition.
Double Veto 3
If the POV holder decides to use the Power of Veto while this outcome is in effect, he/she needs to remove BOTH nominees off of the block instead of just one. The HOH will then replace both previous nominees with two new nominees. Dani, the winner of the Power of Veto decided not to use it.
Time Machine Return 4
The Time Machine, including the houseguest that entered it returns. The returning houseguest rejoins the game and would play as normal. Tommy, the houseguest who was voted to enter the Time Machine on Day 2, re-entered the game.
Eviction Nominee Randomizer 5
The nominations made by the Head of Household is disregarded and replaced with two other houseguests chosen in random using Tom, as the HOH nominated Dani and Boo for eviction but was replaced randomly with Tommy and Tyler R. instead.
Hair Dye 6
The HOH who pressed this button is going to get their Memory Wall mangatar's hair color to be changed to a different color. Boo's Memory Wall mangatar's hair was changed to pink.
Instant Eviction 7
The Power of Veto competition is skipped which means that the nomination made by the Head of Household is final. Lucas, as the HOH nominated Boo and Tommy for eviction. It was later announced that the POV competition will be skipped and the game proceeded to the Eviction Ceremony. Boo was evicted as a result.
Pixelator 8
The HOH who pressed this button is going to get their Memory Wall mangatar pixelated. Tommy's Memory Wall mangatar was pixelated.
Viewing Lounge Poll 9
A poll in the Viewing Lounge is conducted which includes the names of the remaining houseguests. The winner of the poll will get an advantage in the HOH competition in the form of an additional 15% to his or her submitted score. Tyler R. won the Viewing Lounge poll and was given a 15% increase to his score. He placed third in the HOH competition.
Anonymous HOH 10
The identity of the winner and the results of the following week's Head of Household competition will not be revealed until the game has ended. Pydo won the HOH competition and the results of the competition was kept a secret.