Day 71: Head of Household CompetitionEdit

This is the week Tom leaves. Ali told me he was voting for me, then asked if I still trusted him. Oh hell no. But of course I was like "No worries, I totally understand". If I win this HO I'm going to make it very public that it was me. I want the credit for this. In the words of Godfrey Mangwiza: Tom, "I want your blood on these hands"


It's funny, when fights and drama were happening left and right in the house chat, things were actually simple. Now that all is quiet, now is the time when all the uncertainty comes out. It seems to all center around Tom. I know how Tom has played some of his past games. He is loyal and a stand up guy. When he told me he wanted to go to the final 2 with me, I believed him. A small bit. His little stunt he pulled by saving Ali will be his downfall. I at least respect him for admitting he did it solely for jury management. It doesn't make me want to go with him to the end at all though. He was trying to drive a wedge between me and one of our allies by forcing me to choose. I think it's backfired on him though because it only strengthened our threesome. Tom is the one that forced the decision. Tom is the one to blame. For as upset as I am about Tom, it was actually the best possible thing to happen to my game. I didn't have to betray Tyler (fully that is, I did put him up). It gives me a great excuse to go back on my final 2 deal with Tom. Also it has made me tighter with both Nick and Lucas and both are telling me they want to go the end with me. Tom wants Ali out (I think), Lucas and Nick want Tom out, and who cares what Ali wants because it's not like he's going to make it happen. I just want to get to the end and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel


So, apparently Nick actual score was close to 2k, not 1k - hopefully him or I win the hoh, let's be real - Ali can't win shit and he better not win it, since he doesn't really respond to my messages no more, Tom must of gotten to his head.


Day 72: Nomination CeremonyEdit

I told Nick it's better if I'm sitting next to Ali, in stead of Tom, since I don't believe Tom will try hard at the veto just to save me.


Tom messaged me asking me if he's safe, naturally - told him what he wanted to hear aka fuck you, jk told him that he shouldn't worry. Although, I want to confess that I'm voting for him, I gotta wait till the pov comp results, since apparently his score isn't about 100k, but about 500k (idk if he already submitted, or not though) and I can't let him beat Will's score. Will told me that Tom will be more mad at him since they had a f2 deal going on, even though Tom never formed a f2 deal with me - Will think that he did. I only told him that because I want him to think that we're stepping on equal ground here.


I love Tom as a person. But I'm really not loving him as a player in this game. To calm him down, I told Ali that he was a pawn, Tom is nominated because I'm scared he'll be unbeatable (Totally true) but that the real plan is to backdoor Will or Lucas. Well, Will tells me that Ali told Tom this (dem loose lips) and Tom freaked out. Now, that's ok. I was surprised he didn't freak out at nominations. But what annoys the hell out of me is that he didn't approach me at ALL. Be believed Ali's story 100%, and didn't need to talk to me at all. No "Hey, I heard this, is it true?". He just believed it. And freaked to Will and possibly Lucas about it, but not me. I was talking to Lucas about this, maybe Tom isn't as good at this as I thought. Even if he did believe it 100%, he should still have came to me. Because now that he hasn't, I KNOW he trusts Ali's word over mine and want him out more than ever. Dumb move. I think Will's winning this, and God I hope so. Time to send Tom packing.


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Day 77: EvictionEdit

Ugh that was a guilt trip. Like I said, I still love Tom as a person. I do feel bad. This just needed to happen.